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The Center for Modern Middle East Studies at the National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, releases this museum database for promoting research on cultural resources and heritages as well as providing information for tourists.
Although this database does not cover all museums and cultural heritage sites in Turley. The basis of the information in this data is an online survey of official museum websites, government websites, and museum information websites conducted between January and March 2017 by Aslı Kemiksiz (erstwhile Ph D. Candidate at the Osaka University). In updating database, Kenji Kuroda (Project Assistant Professor) followed up on the information sources for the museums and other facilities referred to by Dr. Aslı Kemiksiz from July 2021 and found that the websites had disappeared and many were even not registered in the Internet Archives. Therefore, the information sources for each museum were reorganized, and the author added information on the outline of each museum.

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